High quality Supmea vortex flowmeter

Supmea vortex flowmeter that has been used for 3 years is still in stable operation, and customers are full of praise for the quality of Supmea products.

High quality Supmea vortex flowmeter

Supmea vortex flowmeters are usually used for pressure air, steam and air measurement. These Supmea vortex flowmeters, pressure transmitters, and temperature transmitters are used for steam measurement in the textile industry. The printing and dyeing industry is currently the industry with the most customers of Supmea, from the measurement of dye water quality in the dye preparation process, such as pH, flow and liquid level. Supmea can provide a complete set of automation solutions for the measurement of steam flow, temperature and pressure in the printing process, as well as the measurement of flow, water quality and liquid level in the post-printing and dyeing wastewater treatment process.

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